A Sneak Peek Into a Dance Holiday: Samantha’s Itinerary

Many travelers ask about example itineraries and express their curiosity about what a Salsa Holiday with Vamos*Cuba really looks like.  Recently, Samantha visited for a 10-day Solo Salsa Holiday. Take a sneak peek below into Samantha’s action-packed holiday.


Day 1: Friday  

Afternoon: Samantha arrived at the Havana airport about 4 pm. She’d just flown halfway around the world from Australia.  Raul was waiting for her in the lobby.  Samantha changed money and they headed into Havana Viejas Vedado. Veronika met Samantha at the apartment and showed her how the studio works.

Evening: By 8 pm Samantha was already out on the town.  It was the International Day of Dance celebration and she attended a performance at the theatre.  She retired to her apartment at 11 pm.


Samantha & Yoerlis during a salsa lesson


Day 2: Saturday

Morning: Samantha started her day off early with a 9 am salsa lesson with the Professor, Yoerlis.  She was impressed after just 10 minutes. Samantha says that she realized she would learn more in a week than she did taking classes for a whole year in Australia.  After a 2 hour lesson, Samantha met with Veronika for coffee.

Afternoon: Sightseeing! Yasel, the tour guide, met Samantha at 1 pm and took her around Old Havana for a walking tour.   They ended the tour around 5 or 6 pm.

Evening: Dinner at a trattoria on the Malecón – La Churchería in Vedado.  This is an excellent place to eat – one of the few places in Havana to get a really good salad.  After dinner, she attended the theatre with Veronika.  The director of the dance company, Miguel Iglesias, was receiving a national award.  They finished off the night with a drink and conversations with the dancers at Jardin de teatro mella.


Samantha with her salad at Churchería 


Day 3: Sunday

Morning:  10am-12noon – Salsa class with Yoerlis.

Afternoon: 1 pm – afternoon with the tour guide Yasel.  Since it was Sunday, they went to watch Rumba.

Evening: 5 pm – Attended the Grande Teatro with Veronika. There was a big presentation of the best companies in Cuba including Acosta Danza, Balet Nacional, Liz Alonso, Conjunto Folkorico de Cuba.  The event was by invitation only.  Luckily, Yoerlis had an extra invitation so Samantha was able to attend.

Night:  Samantha ended the day with a night out dancing. She went with her dance partner Lorenzo and was out until 1 am at the 1830 Club.


Samantha and Yasel sightseeing


Day 4: Monday

Morning: Another 2-hour class with Yoerlis.

Afternoon: spent another ½ day with Yasel, the tour guide. She saw the Plaza de la Revolución and a number of other sights.  She ended the tour at the bar Flauta Magica, which is on the 15th floor overlooking the Malecón.

Evening:  Samantha spent the evening on her own walking around Old Havana including seeing the Malecón by night.


Day 5: Tuesday – May 1st

It was a public holiday so many things were closed in Cuba.  That said, Samantha’s day was still packed full.

Morning – She had another 2-hour class with Yoerlis.

Afternoon – at 1 pm she met her guide Yasel for their 3rd day out in Old Havana. She walked around the bay.

Evening – Samantha had a drink with Veronika on the terrace.  It was an early night because she had to get up early the next morning for her trip to Viñales.




Day 6: Wednesday

Samantha took the early bus to Viñales. She used the hotel transfer service for 15CUC.  She spent the day walking around and sightseeing.  That night she had a night out dancing.


Day 7: Thursday

Full day in Viñales.  Samantha had a salsa class during the day and a night out dancing.


Horseback Riding in Viñales


Day 8: Friday 

Samantha spent her day in Viñales. She rode horseback through the valley for a few hours and then caught a bus back to Havana. She arrived in Havana at 5:30 pm and her dance instructor was waiting for her to complete their final lesson.


Day 9: Saturday

This was Samantha’s last day with Vamos*Cuba


Day 10: Sunday

Samantha parted ways with her new friends at Vamos*Cuba and travelled to Trinidad on her own.

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