The 5 Must See Attractions in Trinidad

Trinidad, Cuba tour

A must-see destination for tourists, Trinidad is a small, well-preserved colonial city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was founded over 500 years ago in 1514 by Diego Velazques, a Spanish conquistador. It prospered in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries.  It has remained largely unchanged and is hailed as an exceptional example of a […]

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Cienfuegos Cuba

Called the “pearl of the south,” Cienfuegos is one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba. (Locals will argue that it is the most beautiful) It is an elegant, sea-side city located on Cuba’s south coast. The colonial buildings, French feel, and feisty spirit will seduce any traveller visiting this gem. From the meadow to […]

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A Foodie’s Guide to Cuba

Food in Cuba, Ropa vieja

I’m a foodie at heart and I don’t mind admitting that I routinely plan my vacations around what I want to eat.  My secret to an awesome trip?  Plan my “must-have” meals just like I plan my “must-see” destinations. That is exactly what I did during my most recent trip to Cuba.  Breakfast was one […]

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The Power of Immersion: Learn Spanish in Cuba

Does the Spanish class you’re taking feel more like an obligation than a hobby? Are you not learning enough? Want to practice with what you’ve learned outside fo class? Many people have the initiative and desire to learn a second language, but often get discouraged. This is because they only practice their skills in the […]

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Live Music in Havana – Every Night of the Week

Wander through the streets of Havana and you’ll hear the sounds of Cuba floating across the warm breeze. You can easily stumble upon live music every night of the week.   Here are a few places you shouldn’t miss: EVERY DAY  – La Zorra y el Cuervo, Vedado  Situated between Avenue 23 and O Street, […]

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3 Minute Guide to Cuban Dance Styles

Imagine sitting at an outdoor bar, the warm breeze hitting your face and listening to the music. The catchy rhythm makes you want to dance. But wait, what music is playing? How are you supposed to dance if you don’t know what you’re dancing to? You think you know, but you aren’t 100% sure. Now’s […]

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