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Fill in the application form and email to We kindly ask you to pay a deposit of 15% of the total amount or minimum of £150(per person). Once we have received your application and payment we will send you a confirmation of your booking or the invoice. You will receive a welcome pack with extra information, and the address of your accommodation will be sent after the outstanding balance has been paid in full. The invoice must be paid in full 4 weeks before your departure.


By bank transfer: the relevant account number will be on the invoice. Please send us a copy of the transfer order. You must pay all bank charges


All services described on our website as well as information given in the confirmation/invoice are binding to the extent of the services considered in the contract.

3.1 CHANGES TO SERVICES: Other agreements, which change the range of services offered in the contract, must be done in a written form. Changes and alterations in the indicated content of the travel contract which are necessary after the contract has been signed and which arise neither from disloyalty nor disbelief of Vamos Cuba, do not lead to a considerable change of the travel service and do not affect the entire character of the booked package. VAMOS CUBA is responsible for informing their clients about all changes and alterations in services.

3.2 LACK OF SERVICE: Objections regarding the services indicated in the contract are to be reported so that a prompt solution can be found. Should the individual fail to report such a shortfall and should VAMOS CUBA get no opportunity to remedy this problem, no reductions or refunds will be given.



VAMOS CUBA has the right to cancel a tour if the minimum amount of passengers stared in the programme cannot be reached.

a) VAMOS CUBA is obliged to inform the passenger immediately if a certain tour will not take place.

b) The cancellation has to be made at least 2 weeks before the departure date.

c) All fees will be refunded immediately.


If you cancel after acceptance of your booking or if at any time (with our agreement and subject to availability), the following charges will apply in relation to the total fees paid.Please note that the table below is based on the day the written cancellation is received in :


Days before departure > 56 55 – 42 41 – 28 27 – 15 14 > 0
Cancellation Deposit 30% (*) 50% (*) 75% (*) 100%(*)
Changes £50 or £100 (~) £50 or £100 (~) £50 or £100 (~) £100 (~) Cancellation applies

(*) You will be charged the Deposit or the indicated percentage of the full due balance, whichever is the greater.  Please note that changes must be identical in order to qualify for the £50 per person charge. Otherwise the £100 per person charge will apply.

6. INSURANCE: Neither agent, operator or the schools will be held responsible in any way for any accident, illness, loss of personal effects or change in personal circumstances arising at any time prior to or during the course/tour. We therefore strongly recommend you to take a personal travel insurance.


Should one of the existing travel conditions be ineffective or inadmissible, it has no influence on the existence of the other travel conditions.


US residents are warmly welcome to participate in our tours. However US travellers are required to affirm they qualify for US-Cuba travel, and are solely responsible for any US government actions that may arise as a result of their travel to Cuba.

9. Right to deny services

Vamos Cuba may refuse service to any applicant, registrant or participant whose behaviour or actions are deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, or hostile towards Cuban society and culture.

You should be aware that Cuba has particular features, which may or may not appeal to you, including weather, food, water, local customs, etc. its living standards, practices and conditions with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodation at your destination are different. Such standards may not be comparable to those you would expect from similar establishments in UK, Europe or the United States.

11. Tour hotel changes

Availability of hotels in Cuba is always problematic because there are not enough rooms to meet demand. Should promised hotels be changed by Cuban governmental agencies and suppliers, we make every attempt, where and as possible, to secure accommodations of similar cost and quality. If the substituted hotel is of a lesser cost, Vamos Cuba will attempt to compensate guests upon return for the net difference in price of the hotel cost component of the tour package.

Prices quoted by us may be changed at any time until we have confirmed in writing acceptance of your booking. Even after that time, prices may be changed if we are charged additional costs after that time including, for example, where agencies that are used to provide services on tour raise their costs for any reason and should that occur, if that would result in your paying an additional amount of more than 10% of the tour price, you will be entitled to cancel your tour with a full refund of all monies paid to us. Should you decide to cancel because of this, you must exercise your right to do so within 5 days of the date of our advice. If there is less than 5 days before the departure date, then by no later than one day after you have received our advice of the increased costs.

The type of travel we offer requires flexibility and must allow for alternatives. The outline itinerary as given for each tour must therefore be taken as an indication of what each trip may accomplish, and not as a contractual obligation on our part. The final decision on the itinerary and conduct of any tour will be taken by us or our agents in the interests of the group/or clients as a whole. It is understood that the route schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to events beyond our reasonable control.

On receiving your itinerary and travel documents please check all documentation and tickets thoroughly and notify us as soon as possible of any discrepancy. We cannot accept any liability if we are not notified of discrepancies within 7 days of dispatch or (if you do not receive the documents at least 7 days before your departure date) before departure on tour.


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