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A Sneak Peek Into a Dance Holiday: Samantha’s Itinerary

Many travelers ask about example itineraries and express their curiosity about what a Salsa Holiday with Vamos*Cuba really looks like.  Recently, Samantha visited for a 10-day Solo Salsa Holiday. Take a sneak peek below into Samantha’s action-packed holiday.   Day 1: Friday   Afternoon: Samantha arrived at the Havana airport about 4 pm. She’d just […]

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7 Things to Know When Travelling to Cuba After Trump’s New Laws

  The rules for Americans travelling to Cuba have changed numerous times over the last few years. Which means there is a lot of misinformation out there and it is hard to determine what you are allowed to do and what is off limits. Well I have good news, as of writing this article Americans […]

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12 Things to Pack when Travelling to Cuba

When planning for any trip, it is helpful to know what to pack.  A trip to Cuba is no different.  This article won’t tell you to bring an exact number of shirt, pants, and/or dresses.  What it will do is provide you with helpful tips that will make your life easier while travelling through Cuba. […]

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Don’t dance? Book It Anyway! – Why this non-dancer learned to Salsa in Cuba

I nervously waited for my Salsa lesson.  My heart was racing. I was seriously second-guessing my decision to sign-up for a dance lesson in Cuba.  Me – a clumsy, uncoordinated girl – why did I think I could learn to Salsa?  Maybe I could come up with an excuse and get out of it. Then […]

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48 Hours in Havana

Havana is a vibrant, beautiful city filled with a soul that will capture your heart and imagination. To truly experience Havana in 48 hours you need to be ready for a whirlwind trip.  There is so much to see and do that it is hard to know where to start. Below is a jam-packed itinerary […]

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Secret Places to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos

El Malecon   Ok, I admit – this one is no secret. The Malecon is a quintessential photo op in Havana.  Want the ultimate composition? Try capturing an old car zooming by as the sea crashes up over the sea wall.  It is spectacular. Want something with a slower feel? On a calm evening this […]

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