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Day trips from Havana

By Conner Gorry, Lonely Planet Beguiling and enigmatic in no small measure, Havana ignites the collective imagination. Clearly a dose of magic is at work here: how else could Cubans keep those pre-1960 jalopies on the road, fight global isolation for more than half a century and continue dancing and laughing in spite of it […]

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Reflections on Cuba by Polly Bates

Cuba…Cuba…Cuba…while here I must constantly remind myself that this place cannot and should not be compared to anything I have ever seen, smelled, or felt before.  White is certainly the color of Cuba.  It is the color of Santeria-the afro Cuban answer to imposed Catholicism which proved a very effective way to continue honoring African […]

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Read about the Vamos Cuba experience from our lovely customer Alice

Usually I’m not the kind of person who uses organized tours, as I like the adventure of travelling alone or with one or two friends and enjoying the challenge! However with Cuba I was really keen to do some Salsa lessons and also didn’t have a lot of time to plan so I really wanted […]

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Program in Casa de la Musica in Centro Havana from 23.01.2012

If you are in Havana this week, check out the Program in Casa de la Musica in Centro Havana: Monday: Matinee: Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco (100MN-Cubans/10CUC – foreigners) From 11pm: Havana Show y El Misha (5CUC/10CUC) Tuesday: Matinee: Havana Show y Osmani Garcia (100MN-30MN-10CUC) From 11pm: Matine Larga Wednesday Matinee: Closed 11pm: PMM (5CUC/10CUC) […]

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