Cuba Travel Guide: Trinidad

Trinidad, A wonderful colonial city

The town of Trinidad is in the province of Sancti Spíritus, founded more than for 500 years, one of the places of more tempting for the tourism, with an attractive mixture of history, folklore and nature. Ideal to enjoy unforgettable Trinidad, Cuba tourmoments in this nook of the Caribbean, with varied offers for all.

The Historical Center of the city is one of the most interesting and frequented places. There, the visitors can go to the Church of the Sacred Trinity located next to the park at Central Square. Its the biggest in the city, with many changes in their structure over more than 200 years of existence. Trinidad also has other fascinating places to visit as the Museum of Archaeology Guamuhaya, the Museum of Architecture, the Romantic Museum of Palace Brunet, and others.

Trinidad and around

Trinidad is not only the Historical Center, the oldest area in the city. There exist another attractive places, each one with their nuances and special options to please the most exquisite demands of the visitors.

The Valley of the Engines, declared Humanity’s Cultural Patrimony by the UNESCO in 1988, has a beautiful landscape where prevail the green cane fields. Visitor can see historical places of the 19´ century as the Ranch of the Family Iznaga, one of the wealthiest family of the village during the Spanish colonization, and the Tower Iznaga with 42 meters high, offering an amazing view of the place.

Also there are different offers for the visitors who prefer to be more in contact with the nature. For those there are easy hikes and fascinating trips in rural areas, in direct contact with the natural environment.

beach-trinidadThe lovers of the diving and snorkeling there is Playa (Beach) Ancón, with nearly 30 areas to dive in its well-known coralline barrier, where you can appreciate a wide range of autochthonous species of the flora and fauna of the place. Cayo Blanco of Casilda, is another place with not to much deep funds, but where the divers can enjoy countless species of tropical fish, black coral, turtles, crustaceans, and other species that there inhabit.

Those that prefer to retrace hours traveling paths for the mountains can make a trip to Tope of Collantes, one of the places declared by the UNESCO World-Wide Reserves of the Biosphere. Also the Cliff of the Caburní and Vega Grande, with high paths among forests of coniferous trees and slippery waterfall. Both are the favorite roads by the tourists who dare to carry out this exciting journey.

Trips to the Park Codina and to the ecological path The Niche, are other popular options for those lovers of the hiking to enjoy the beauty of the nature; horse riding in roads of the mountains, thermal bathrooms in natural pools and visits to waterfalls, it is also part of these journeys that give certain magic to the place, with excellent options to explore the natural environment of Trinidad, a town full of joyfulness.

Trinidad at night

Visitors of this pulsing town will be also entertained during the night. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and live music venue to choose from. Don’t miss Casa de la Trova or the stair in Plaza Mayor with live music every night. Why not try disco in a cave? Its open every night from 10pm till 3am with 5CUC entrance fee.

You can visit Trinidad on our 8 days’ Essential tour where you will spend 2 nights in this lovely Cuban city.

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