Cuba In July

Now it’s really heating up! Cuba in July is perfect for sun-seekers and those who aren’t afraid of a little heat. As summer gets into full swing, this island really comes to life. July is also the time for festivities, as the Day of the National Rebellion celebrations gets into full swing.

July lands right in the middle of the rainy season. This isn’t going to be a cold downpour like anywhere else in the world. The sub-tropical climate means that the rainfall in Cuba will be warm, torrential and very quickly over. Once the rain passes, humidity might rise, but it’s this tropical pattern of rain and shine that makes Cuba so enticing to visitors.

If you can handle the heat, humidity and rain, you’ll be rewarded with cheaper flights and holidays. If you’re flexible on time and want to visit at a time when there is less rain, visiting Cuba in April or even earlier in the year might be preferable. Read on to find out more about visiting Cuba in July…

cuba in july

The midday heat in Cuba can be relentless, so you’ll want to plan most of your outdoor activities for the morning when the weather is more manageable. Pack a high factor sunscreen and keep your head and shoulders covered up when possible.

Cuba Weather in July

The Cuban rainy season runs from May to mid-November, so you can expect rainfall to be higher than it would be in earlier months. Rainfall differs throughout the country, with the West of the island typically seeing more rain. Places like Guantanamo are sheltered from the rain by the surrounding mountain ranges, but this also means that the temperature will be much higher and humidity can be uncomfortable in July. In general, visiting Cuba in July will mean many days of sunshine punctuated by showers. You should avoid the more adverse weather such as hurricanes.

Average Cuba Weather July

High Low
Havana 32°C 24°C
Holguin 33°C 24°C
Santiago de Cuba 31°C 24°C
Trinidad 37°C 27°C

Cuba is a sub-tropical country located between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer. Temperatures in the region in July can regularly exceed 30°C which can be uncomfortable if you are unprepared or not accustomed to the weather. Young children might struggle with the heat, so it’s best to plan activities for the morning and stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. Spending the whole day on the beach would be unwise in July due to the high UV levels. Instead, plan activities for the afternoon, such as excursions that will keep you out of the sun.

In Havana in July, you can expect temperatures to be around 24°C to 32°C, perfect for sightseeing and exploring the museums. Heading East to Holguin, you can expect similar temperatures of around 24°C o 33°C with cooling trade winds heading in from the Atlantic. South of here in Santiago de Cuba, the temperature is likely to be around 24°C to 31°C, although humidity can make this feel a lot warmer. And finally, Trinidad in July is likely to be consistently hot, with temperatures rarely dipping below 27°C.

Things To Do In Cuba In July

Cuba in July is a feast for the senses. The island comes to life with festivities and a carnival atmosphere. If you want to experience a real taste of Cuban nightlife, you need to head to Santiago de Cuba in July for two key events.

The Festival del Caribe: “Fiesta del Fuego” and the annual Carnival. The former is a celebration of Caribbean cultures, bringing together disparate communities to celebrate unity through music and dance. The latter is a procession dating back to the 17th Century winds through the streets and locals enjoy dancing in the streets until the small hours of the morning.

In Havana, the Feria de Arte en La Rampa at the Pabellón Cuba opens its doors for a craft fair like no other. Expert artists from around the country share their incredible work and you can pick up souvenirs that are a far cry from the usual tourist tat. Kids will also be well catered for with workshops and demonstrations galore.

And finally, staying in Havana, the Karl Marx, Mella and Fausto Theatres play host to the annual Festival Nacional del Humor Aquelarre, a comedy festival like no other. Enjoy refreshing performances from the best comedians in the country.

Vamos Cuba In July

You can also catch a Vamos Cuba group tour, or create your bespoke Cuban experience with a private tour. Here are our picks of the best things to do in Cuba in July with Vamos Cuba.

It’s too hot to just sit on the beach, so we recommend getting out and seeing the sights with an an 8-day private tour, taking in the sights of Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Vinales. Find out more.

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Take advantage of the cooler weather to practice your salsa moves without working up too much of a sweat. Our solo salsa holiday is perfect for the summer months. Combine this holiday with a trip to Santiago de Cuba for th Carnival and practice your salsa moves in the streets. 

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