Cuba In November

The Cuban dry season starts in November, so this is an incredibly popular time to visit the island. Although the Northern hemisphere might be heading into a cold and dark winter, the weather in Cuba will still be hot and sunny, perfect for sightseeing or sitting on the beach.

November also marks the end of the hurricane season, so if you want to avoid any bad weather, Cuba in November could be perfect for you. With the humidity of the rainy season a distant memory, it’s also a great time to take a course, such as learning Spanish in Havana. You could also take a photography tour and capture the incredible light that is like nowhere else in the world.

If you’re visiting Cuba in November, make sure you still protect yourself from the sun. Pack a high factor sunscreen and avoid staying out in the sun during the hottest part of the day. Remember, Cuba is located close to the Equator, so the sun will be much more powerful than you might be expecting. The ocean breezes can make it feel cooler, but you still need to protect yourself from the sun.

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Cuba Weather in November

Unlike many places, Cuban weather isn’t really defined by Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Instead, there are two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season runs from May to October and the weather will be hot, wet and humid. The dry season runs from November to April and the weather will be warm to hot, even at night.

If you’re visiting Cuba in November, expect blue skies and plenty of sunshine. The temperature doesn’t really drop at night, so you probably won’t even need to pack any warm clothes. The only time you will need warm clothes is if you are planning to spend a long time in any air-conditioned places such as the Viazul bus service, which can be very chilly! The temperature in Cuba hardly ever drops to single figures, so you can be confident you’ll enjoy nice weather no matter when you visit.

Average Cuba Weather November

High Low
Havana 29°C 21°C
Holguin 29°C 21°C
Santiago de Cuba 30°C 22°C
Trinidad 34°C 23°C

The average temperature in Cuba in November is around 24°C. This will vary depending on where on the island you are visiting. In general, the North of the island typically gets more rain because of the direction of the wind. This wind also keeps the humidity at bay. In the South, expect slightly higher temperatures, more humidity and warmer seas. The humidity and wind can have a huge impact on the real-feel of the weather.

In Havana, you can expect highs of around 29°C and lows of 21°C. Contrast this to Trinidad which is on the South of the island. In Trinidad, you can expect highs of around 34°C and lows of 23°C. Heading to the East of the island, places like Holguin will enjoy minimum temperatures of around 21°C and highs of around 29°C. And finally, in Santiago de Cuba, expect highs of 30°C and lows of 22°C.

Things To Do In Cuba In November

With the rainy season in the past, November is when the Cuban people really come to life. There is so much to see an do around Cuba in November, and here are a few of our favourite picks.

Havana plays host to the International Ballet Festival, one of the oldest and most prestigious events in the world of dance. This biannual event takes over the Havana Grand Theater, the Mella Theater, and the Karl Marx Theater for a feast of ballet performances from the countries brightest stars.

Havana also plays host to the Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea de La Habana which has been running since 1984. This contemporary music festival brings together performers from around Cuba and the rest of the world to celebrate trends in Cuban and international classical music.

Also in Havana, Author’s Week takes place in November every year. It’s a tradition that has been running for over 40 years and every year, the festival shines a light on eminent literary figures from Cuba and South America.

The Festival Internacional de Coros, or International Chorus Festival takes place every November in Santiago de Cuba. Choral groups from around the country descend on the city for an intensive programme of concerts in theatres, schools, factories, hospitals and public squares.

For more events taking place in Cuba in November, check out our Cuba Calendar.

Vamos Cuba In November

You can also catch a Vamos Cuba group tour, or create your bespoke Cuban experience with a private tour. Here are our picks of the best things to do in Cuba in November with Vamos Cuba.

It’s too hot to just sit on the beach, so we recommend getting out and seeing the sights with our small group tour of Cuba, taking in the sights of Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Vinales. Find out more…

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