Visiting Cuba In June

If you’re looking for sun, sea, sand and sightseeing, Cuba in June will not disappoint. As summer gets into full swing, many visitors flock to Cuba to enjoy the Caribbean climate. While it’s technically during the rainy season, don’t let this put you off. A Cuban rainstorm is usually short-lived, so you needn’t worry about relentless rain.

If you can handle the occasional summer downpour, visiting Cuba in June is perfect for relaxing, disconnecting from the rest of the world and soaking up the unique Cuban culture. For those wishing to avoid the rain, visiting Cuba in April might be better suited to you. Read on to find out more about the weather in different parts of the country and what to do in Cuba in June…

cuba in june

Although it’s still technically in Spring, the weather in Cuba in June will feel a lot like summer, particularly if you’re used to a European summer. Pack the sunscreen and make sure you stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day!

Cuba Weather June

The rainy season in Cuba runs from May to mid-November, so you can expect a few downpours if you’re visiting during June. That said, rainfall isn’t equal throughout the country, so there are places you can visit where you can expect less rainfall. Santiago de Cuba is one of the driest places in Cuba, but from its sheltered position, the heat can get quite overwhelming for those not used to the heat. In general, visiting in June will be hot, but not unbearable, and you’ll also avoid the overwhelming humidity of August and September. You’ll also avoid the hurricanes, which typically don’t start stirring up until  September.

Average Cuba Weather in June

High Low
Havana 31°C 23°C
Holguin 32°C 23°C
Santiago de Cuba 31°C 23°C
Trinidad 32°C 23°C

Cuba is located between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer. This makes it a sub-tropical climate, so you can expect Cuba in June to be hot, sunny and a little rainy. Higher regions can be colder and more prone to rain, so make sure you are prepared for any poorer weather if you are planning to go hiking.

In June, Havana will be around 23°C to 31°C which is hot, but comfortable enough to enjoy a day of sightseeing. Heading East to the town of Holguin, you can expect highs of around 32°C with the temperature rarely dipping below 23°C. On the Southern coast of the island in Santiago de Cuba, the temperature will be between 23°C to 31°C. While in Trinidad, you can expect temperatures between 23°C to 32°C.

Things To Do In Cuba In June

There is no shortage of things to do in Cuba in June. While it might be hot much of the time, this can be the ideal time to explore the sights and cultural highlights. Here are some of our top picks.

The Festival Internacional Boleros de Oro takes place in venues all over Cuba, with the majority of the action taking place in Havana. It’s a delightful celebration of the Bolero musical genre, with concerts and celebrations.

The Bienal de Cerámica Amelia Peláez. La Vasija ceramics event first opened in 1989 with the exhibition of small-scale works. This led to the creation of the Museo Nacional de la Cerámica Contemporánea Cubana and it became a regular event as of 1991 with the inclusion of other formats, focusing on vessels and installations in alternate years.

Head to Matanzas in June to enjoy the Atenas National Rock Festival, an open-air festival celebrating Cuban rock. Expect tattoo exhibitions, audiovisual projections and other fun fringe events.

Fans of Ernest Hemingway will delight in the Coloquio Internacional Ernest Hemingway festival, an annual celebration of the author’s life and works, including his most famous novel, The Old Man and the Sea.

And finally, Las Tunas plays host to the Jornada Cucalambeana y Encuentro Festival Iberoamericano de la Décima, a celebration of the life of Las Tunas-born poet Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo. Musicians, writers and poets come together to celebrate his life and work.

Vamos Cuba In June

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