Weather in Cuba

Cuba enjoys a lush sub-tropical climate with plenty of sunshine and trade winds to keep the humidity at bay. The warm weather makes it the ideal holiday destination year-round. If you're looking to escape a harsh winter, Cuba is the ideal destination.

When is the best time to visit Cuba?

It’s more comfortable from November through to April, because the temperatures are warm but not stifling and there’s less chance of rain. This is also the perfect time to get away from the cold British winter.

How hot does Cuba get in summer?

The summer temperature is around 30C during the day and around 23C at the day. Depending on where you are in the island, it can be sweltering and incredibly humid. The Northern coast of Cuba is generally more pleasant in summer.

weather in Cuba

The dry season

The dry season runs from November to mid-April. As the name suggests, this is the time of year when the rainfall is the lowest. While it might be the Cuban version of "winter", it's nothing like the winter you might experience in Europe or North America. It will still be hot and sunny, so you can enjoy a winter getaway.

The rainy season

From May to October, there will be increased rainfall across Cuba during its rainy season. Don’t let the rain put you off though, as rain storms are often gone as quickly as they come on, and it will stay warm. If you enjoy sightseeing rather than soaking up the sun, or if you’re heading to Cuba for a course, then visiting in the rainy season will be much cheaper but just as enjoyable.

The hurricane season

Like many islands in the Caribbean, Cuba will occasionally be hit by a hurricane, especially between August and October. However, don’t let that put you off visiting during this time, as the weather can still be fantastic and it’s the cheapest time to visit.

If you’re visiting Cuba in winter, you’ll still have plenty to keep you entertained. Don’t let the miserable winter weather get you down – come and experience our beautiful Cuban weather instead!

The Cuban people are passionate about music and dance so the winter months are the perfect time to get to know their culture. The Annual Festival Internacional de Ballet takes place in October, and the acclaimed Festival International de Jazz (International Jazz Festival) takes place in February, and for the movie buffs, the Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Cuban’s film festival) is a must-see event. More details about events and festivals can be found in our Cuba Calendar.

We've put together these handy guides to tell you a little bit more about visiting Cuba in specific months. These guides include a little bit about the weather you can expect to enjoy and some things to do in Cuba during that month. We've also recommended our favourite tours and classes to try during each month!

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