Cuban Salsa Holiday

Salsa holiday in Cuba

Vamos Cuba offers Group Salsa Holidays in Cuba.

The Vamos*Cuba Salsa holidays focuses on complete cultural immersion – learn salsa the Cuban way with the best Cuban dance teachers in Havana.

With classes in the morning you’ll have the afternoon free to explore Havana, and then you’ll have the chance to dance the night away in the hottest Cuban nightclubs with our dance team leading the way.

Cuba is a truly unique destination with a vibrant history and culture. The 50’s America cars and the colonial architecture may leave you with the feeling that time stands still in Cuba, but this isn’t the case, it just moves to its own rhythm.

Get lost in the streets of old Havana and get to know some of the happiest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet. There is music everywhere in Havana, and you’ll soon find yourself itching to get up and dance whenever you hear it.

Whatever your interests, we can offer you the very best of Havana on your Group Salsa holidays

  • Itinerary
  • accommodation
  • What’s included
  • Classes

We have 3 levels of the Salsa classes

  • Beginners - for people who have never danced salsa before or students who just started. You will learn basic steps of casino and fundamentals of dancing solo, and with a partner.
  • Intermediate/Improvers - here you start to learn the basic turns needed for Cuban salsa and improve your basic steps and movements. Also you will work on your solo dancing.
  • Advanced - advanced students work on more difficult turns, salsa styling and rueda de casino.  Your teacher will also go through steps and movements for Son, Cha Cha, Rumba and Cuban Folklore

We can tailored this Salsa holiday exactly to your needs. Fill out our contact form and we will let you know the price:




  • Top Salsa Teachers
  • English Speaking Host
  • Staying in Casas
  • Nights out with local dancers


Min: 4           Max: 12


14th to 25th of April 2017 

Next Tours

Next dates will be in:

 October 2016

Interested in other dates?

Let us know your preferred dates and we will inform you if we have additional terms


We offer extra 2 days of classes for free and no Single Supplement fee If booked by 10th of October 2016!

11 nights of great fun and dancing! Learn to dance Salsa like Cuban!


When: 14th to 25th of April 2017

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