Meet the Instructor Series: Alejandro Diaz Munoz

This post is part of a series to introduce our amazing dance instructors. This week we meet Alejandro Diaz Munoz.Carmina Burana DCC

Name: Alejandro Diaz Munoz

Age: 21 years old

Home town: Havana

Job Title: Assistant to Professor (Yoerlis)

Alejandro started dancing when he was 10 years old. That is 11 years of experience.  He became interested in dance thanks to his sister.


Q: What made you first interested in dance?

A: My sister was in a group of popular dances. I used to go to see her and it inspired me. My sister doesn’t dance now but I do img class=

Q: How did you know you wanted to pursue dancing?

A: When I was 13, there were problems in my family. I found that dancing was an escape from the problems. I was dancing in grupo aficionado. Then at 16 years old I entered the ENA (Escuela Nacional del Arte).  

Q: What training have you had?

A: From ages 13 to 16, I was self-taught. From 16 to 19 I entered the Escuela Nacional del Arte for training. At 19 years old, I entered the DCC (Danza Contemporanea de Cuba) and have been with them ever since.

Thoughts on Dancing

Q: Why do you love to dance?

A: It’s a way of expressing myself

Q: What projects do you have planned for the future?

A: I want entry to ISA (Instituto Superrior del Arte)

Q: What has been your most memorable moment as a dance so far?

A: Dancing in the Auditorio Nacional de Mexico with DCC Carmina Burana

Q: Was there a person who influenced your decision to become a teacher?

A: My professor Yoerlis.

Vamos*Cuba Dance Holiday

Q: What advice would you give travellers who are nervous about going on a dance holiday?

A: Trust their teacher.

Now you’ve met Alejandro, assistant to Yoerlis (you can see Yoerlis’ interview here). That is it for the Meet the Instructor series.  See you in the studio!

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