Day Experiences, October 2013

Thank you so much for organising our outings.  We had a wonderful time.

We really enjoyed the fact that through you, we were able to go out with ordinary Cuban people – rather than part of a large tourist group.  We feel we got to see and understand more of the real Havana by wandering through the streets and chatting over  a drink with Alfredo and it was a really good way of orientating ourselves and giving us confidence to go out into Havana on our own afterwards.  We found Havana a city of such contrast – not least the prices and Alfredo was helpful in showing places where we could get very good food and mojitos at a fraction of the cost of other places.  We really enjoyed going back to Alfredo’s house and meeting his lovely Aunt and family, eating real Creole food and finding out what life is like for them.  We felt very welcome and comfortable and we appreciated the care Alfredo took to provide us with bottled water.

Going to Club 1830 with our Salsa partners was really amazing.  I’m so pleased we didn’t go to a tourist venue – it was so wonderful to see all those fabulous Salsa dancers having such a wonderful time under the moonlight.  It was really beautiful to watch.  Our partners were very gracious as we could hardly dance a step – especially as it was different and at a faster pace than we are used to in the UK.  However, it really didn’t matter and we had a wonderful time.  To come and have Salsa lessons with you and then go to the Club must be amazing.

It’s funny how the small things stick out in my memory.  I loved the fact that you showed us how to find a non tourist taxi and that we drove together to the Salsa club in an old taxi, with the windows open, driver’s elbow on the window ledge, Salsa music playing, through the streets of Havana at night.  Just how I would have imagined it to be in my mind – but not expecting to find in reality.

I have to admit I was worried making arrangements with you from the UK that we could be ripped off – but it was just what we were looking for.  We found you very professional, friendly and keen to ensure everything went well for us and we got everything we were promised and more.

We are keen to come back to Cuba one day and would particularly like to learn more about the history of Cuba – that is the only thing that we wish we had asked for now.  Maybe next time.

Thank you so much Veronika.  I’m very glad we got to meet you and to hear about why you have put together the services you have.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to see more of the real Havana.


With best wishes

Niki and Nigel Pain

Day Experiences, October 2013
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