Music Holiday in Cuba

Vinales CubaI went to cuba for a holiday  , and to study cuban style piano , and Vamos Cuba put together a bespoke break for me , at a very good price
Veronika wants people to see the Cuba that she sees, and the structure of the tour, the guidance helps you do just that, when i got back i put this on facebook to sum it up ;

“cuba was great !
i learned a heap of new piano tricks, drank mucho rum , improved my spanish (a little}, went dancing , met carlitos family in vinlales, made some new pals, saw roberto fonseca and oscar valdez in my new favourite jazz club (its in havana) , learned the value of a siesta and from the musicians, i learned a much deeper appreciation for the meaning and power of clave many thanks to Vamos cuba for sorting out such a wonderful trip anyone thinking of going should check them out , veronica and yaremi really want people to experience the joys of cuba that are difficult to access for visitors without guidance”

think that sums it up !

What we organised for Alan on his Music Holiday in Cuba:

Alan is a professional musician, pianist who wanted to learn more deeply about cuban clave and tradicional music in general. He was in Cuba for 10 nights and one week stayed in Havana and had piano classes with our Cuban musician Judith. He also spent 2 nights in Vinales at the end of his trip to be able to see Cuban countryside. Vinales is only 2.5hours away from Havana and its amazing tobacco region where you can enjoy lots of outdoor activities.

If you would like to tailor your holiday or tour in Cuba please use the form below. We will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

Alan LawNewcastle, UK
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