Salsa Holiday April 2014

I’ve just returned from 2 weeks Salsa holiday in Havana – a solo trip partly organised by Vamos Cuba. Veronika was quick to understand that I’m a solo traveller but well travelled so I didn’t need too much hand holding but just pointing in the right direction. She sorted me out with great accommodation in a non-touristy part of town, showed me how to get around in the the local taxis and set me up with salsa lessons with one of the best dancers in town. She also organised great nights out. She’s flexible and understanding.. not pushy and loves the place. Altogether a great combination.
Cuba can be daunting even for the most seasoned traveller, that’s where Vamos Cuba steps up. Going to clubs by yourself as an independent travel is really tricky. You attract all the wrong sort of attention. Having a pro to dance with in the evening is the biggest buzz. But also for me, one of the best parts of the trip was getting closer to the real thing – and that was made possible by Vamos Cuba. Highly recommend the experience! I’ll be going back, just a matter of when. Thank you Veronika… really!! And tell Luis my new dancing skills are being commented on.
Salsa Holiday April 2014Clare HampsonLondon, UK
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