Salsa Holiday October 2013, Cuba

I had a great vamos*cuba excperience! I arrived a couple of weeks before I had the vamos*cuba booked part of the trip, but could still meet up with Alfredo in the beginning of my trip, to get some valuable tips, help and overlook over the city, and a good contact when I didn’t know anyone yet!

When I later came back to Havanna to take dance classes I was accomodated in Hostal Casacuba with the great casa owners Orlando and Nierka. If you end up in this casa (which was an extra casa) you can also be very happy! It has big spacious rooms and a pool table in the living area and a nice relaxed vibe.

The dance classes was really REALLY good. Having arrived a couple of weeks earlier I had had time to take a couple of lessons with two teachers before that – and these guys just taught me new turns without correcting my technique. The first thing Yoerlis (the dance teacher) did was make us practice to get some movement into our upperbody and correcting the way we moved our hips. The classes really was what I hoped they would be, and I feel I improved and got to know things to continue improving. What is really good is that instead of just having a dancepartner, you have a dancepartner plus a teacher that looks from the side, and that way can see much better how you move! In the classes we didn’t only dance salsa, but also learned the basics of rumba and son. We were three girls of similar age that had our classes and nights out together, and we had so much fun!!

Something you should be aware of when it comes to the nights out is that the expenses for your dancepartner is not included. This I didn’t know when I came. You are expected to pay for their entrace, drinks and carro collectivo, as this is not included in their pay (and they give up their free time to go dancing with you). We truly had some great nights out with our dancepartners, and chose to go mainly to places that didn’t cost all too much.

Mia Salsa ClassDidn’t use the transportation, as I arrived earlier and left later.

I really liked the way this salsa holiday was organised, and it was great being the three of us there at the same time. Would define
tely recommend it!

Mia Lindgren, Sweden


Hola Mia, Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback. It will be big help. I hope you are not freezing much and your flight back was without problem.

I am very sorry that you thought you were not informed about the cost of the dancers not being included.  I did mentioned it to you on Skype call as I awlays want to be clear that the entrance fee cant be included. Also it was mentioned on the invoice. The problem is that we cant predict which clubs you would go to and as you know the prices can be from 3 to 20cuc. In this way you can decide on the night where you would go.

Keep in touch and good luck on your sabbatical.



Salsa Holiday October 2013, CubaMia Lindgren, Sweden
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