Solo Salsa Holiday, Karl, Australia

I had a fantastic time in Cuba. I spent approximately 3 weeks in this beautiful country learning about its people, history culture, music, dance and the daily rhythm of Cuban local life.

Many thanks to Veronika for organizing my trip on the drop of the hat. I had a great local guide who made my holiday a unique and unforgettable experience. Alfredo, was very accommodating and knowledgeable. Through him I felt I experienced the real Cuba: meeting and greeting the local people, eating the local cuisines and guiding me to favorite hots spots for music and dance. Some of these places could not be found in popular guide books.

I lived in a local Casa ‘Maria y Yola’ in centro Habana. Yola was very accommodating and warm. The food was great and staff friendly. Living in the Casa was great, it was comfortable, clean and safe and best of all being in central Havana, you felt immersed in the rich Cuban culture.

Many thanks to my salsa teacher Mariella. To those who want to learn Cuban salsa I highly recommend her.

Overall my I had an unforgettable and authentic Cuban holiday. I recommend the services of Vamos Cuba to anyone wanting to visit Cuba.

Karl Pobre, Australia

Solo Salsa Holiday, Karl, AustraliaKarl PobreAustralia
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