The 5 Must See Attractions in Trinidad

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A must-see destination for tourists, Trinidad is a small, well-preserved colonial city and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city was founded over 500 years ago in 1514 by Diego Velazques, a Spanish conquistador. It prospered in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries.  It has remained largely unchanged and is hailed as an exceptional example of a traditional settlement.


Cobblestone Street, Trinidad, Cuba


Colorful colonial homes, extravagant palaces, cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and vintage cars add to the feel of untouched history. 

While it is a charming historic site, Trinidad is also a popular tourist destination filled with things to see and do. Below are 5 of the must-see attractions.

Plaza Mayor Trinidad Cuba

1. Plaza Mayor

At the heart of Trinidad, Plaza Mayor is a lovely square surrounded by historic eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings. These beautifully restored structures now are home to museums, galleries, and churches. Once such place is Iglesica Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad, which overlooks the square and is known for its carved wooden alter. 

I also recommend spending time soaking up the atmosphere of the square. There are lush palm trees, vibrant flowers, well-manicured bushes surrounding cast-iron benches. It is a lovely spot to chat with locals while immersing yourself in the laid-back Cuban Vibe. 


Palacio Cantero, Trinidad, Cuba

2. Palacio Cantero

Palacio Cantero was built by Don Jose Mariano Borrel Borrell, one of the richest men in Cuba in the early 1800s, and stayed in the family for a number of years.  It is now named after Cantero who later owned the building. Today it is home to Museo de Historia Municipal, a history museum detailing the history of the region.  During your visit, be sure to climb the narrow stairs to the top of the tower; the panoramic views are worth it!

Trinidad, Cuba

3. Convento de San Francisco 

Another panoramic view of the city can be achieved from climbing the bell tower of Convento de San Francisco. You can see this bright yellow tower from most parts of the town as it rises up above the rest. 

The former convent is now a museum. It is filled with objects from the revolution. It provides fascinating insights into the revolution and formation of modern day Cuba. 


Palacio Brunet, Trinidad, Cuba

4. Palacio Brunet

If historical house museums are more your cup of tea, I recommend touring Palacio Brunet. It was home to sugar baron Corde de Brunet and is still brimming with luxury items that belonged to the family – including a  1.36 metric ton (1.5 US ton) marble bathtub.


Casa de la Música, Trinidad, Cuba

5. Nightlife in Trinidad

End your evening at Casa de la Música, an open air venue. (pictured above). It is located near the church on the main square. You can enjoy a beverage while listening to music and watching local pros dance. This lively spot is frequented by visitors to the area. 

After an evening enjoying music outdoors, head underground to continue your night out. Disco Ayala is a disco in a cave (pictured below). First you take the walk uphill past the end of the street lights. Then you descend into the cave and hear the music and see the packed dance floor. How many people can say they danced the night away in a cave? It is certainly a unique experience.

Disco Ayala, Trinidad, Cuba

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