The Power of Immersion: Learn Spanish in Cuba

Does the Spanish class you’re taking feel more like an obligation than a hobby? Are you not learning enough? Want to practice with what you’ve learned outside fo class?

Many people have the initiative and desire to learn a second language, but often get discouraged. This is because they only practice their skills in the classroom.

If you feel like you aren’t getting enough of your language class, there’s a solution. Take lessons in Cuba!

Spanish Classes with Vamos*Cuba

The Spanish classes are mainly run in Havana, Trinidad or Vinales. It is possible to have the classes anywhere in Cuba, but these are the typical spots.

Vamos Cuba is able to accommodate all levels of language learners – from beginner to advanced. Each tour package is designed individually to your specifications. To read more about what we offer and a sample itinerary, read more here: 


Cuba travel from Germany

What is an Immersion class?

An immersion class is a perfect way to learn another language. Not only is the lesson completely taught in the language, but the students are then taken on excursions to practise.

What better way to practise than talking 1:1 with native speakers? Don’t be shy to try your skills out, they are happy to help.

Types of Lessons

There are different types of immersion classes. For instance, at the beginning of the class the in- structor could give a quick basic lesson of what they will be learning and this way give the stu- dents an idea as to what they will be doing and working on. After the students have grasped what they will be learning the lesson then proceeds to be entirely in Spanish. On the other hand, there are lessons completely in Spanish.

The type of lesson chosen depends on the individual’s knowledge, confidence and initiative. Each person decides what suits them best, whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced. Maybe someone is sure that a full Spanish lesson is what they need, even though they have never taken a Spanish course before.

An immersion tour in Havana

If you are up for it, Vamos*Cuba can arrange an all-Spanish tour of the city. Your itinerary will be designed to make sure you have fun while you have plenty of experiences to practise.

You’ll have all in one, never ending cultural learning, interaction with the Cuban community, conversational practice, and most importantly a unique and enjoyable experience.


Start your day by having a typical Cuban breakfast. After a fulfilling meal you will have enough energy to start off and head to Mirador de los Tres Reyes where you’ll get to see the incredible Cuban morning landscape.

After the breathtaking view you can go to the historic plazas and buildings, like Plaza Vieja and Plaza de San Francisco de Isis. Take pictures of the Paseo de Marti, the Boulevard San Rafael, Plaza de las Armas, Plaza de la Catedral and even the Hotel Inglaterra, the very first Havana hotel. These colorful and vivid buildings were mostly built in the XVI and XIX centuries.

To refresh after the long walk head to the Bodeguita del Medio, a typical Cuban restaurant and then to the bar, El Floridita, for a drink.

Now that you have been renewed you can walk to El Capitolio. This building was built in 1929 and serves as House of Representatives to the Republic of Cuba.

El Capitolio

Rent a classic lime green car, or purple, whichever color you’re feeling, and ride towards through Havana. You will find the Plaza de la Revolución and La Rampa. Finish your day with a walk along El Malecón while enjoying some papas de Yuca and some sugary sugarcane juice, Guarapo frio.

Discover the colonial architecture of this vibrant city, have a drink at the live music shows, dance the night away at various clubs, admire its famous museums and relax at the tranquil beaches. Go to Salsa dance lessons, be a guest at a typical Cuban home, try not to burn yourself at a Cuban cooking class workshop, and submerge in the Cuban culture.

Each of these experiences will give you a chance to perfect another facet of the language.


Advantages of Learning Spanish in Havana

Absorb the Cuban language effortlessly. With all the numerous activities you’ll be engaging in you will be having so much fun that practicing a new language won’t feel like learning at all. Truly learn the language of Spanish by living it!


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  • I did part of an immersion class once but admittedly I’m not so good learning languages so struggled a bit haha. I know people who have learnt languages this way and they definitely picked up a lot more. Interesting read, thanks for sharing #feetdotravel

  • We spent some time in Cuba last year. Such a vibrant country it really was a great experience but our Spanish skills are still pretty poor! Maybe we need to return!

  • Immersion classes are truly a great way to really pick up the language! I’ve been in Germany for 6 years and speak good German, but have been thinking since I plan on staying longer, perhaps I should also take an immersion class. I bet it’s fun in Cuba! #FeetDoTravel

  • Ohh I would love to take immersion class in Cuba. My Spanish is a bit rusty and I’m not really a fan of classrooms so that might be a perfect solution for me 😉

  • Sharon says:

    What a fun way to learn the language! I do believe you should live in a place to really learn the language. It’s difficult to book-learn a language. I’m OK at Spanish, but my German is elementary. Immersion would help, I’m sure!

  • Shona says:

    Immersion is the only way I can learn a language. Use it or lose it they say and I’ve certainly lost my Mandarin and Thai I spent so long learning. Spanish is a language I’ve always wanted to speak. Vamos*Cuba may be my answer.

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