Veronika Visits the Escuela Nacional de Artes

In March, Veronika from Vamos*Cuba was honoured to be invited to watch the final examinations for the Escuelas Nacionales de Arte (ENA) modern dance course. The ENA is a highly prestigious and world-renowned Art school which is the equivalent of the UK or US conservatoire; they have pre-university (ENA) and university level (ISA) courses in Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Performing Arts, and Theatre.

The school is housed in an old country club which was abandoned and needed a new purpose after the members fled the country following the revolution.  Construction of the building stopped in 1965 due to political conflicts but was later resumed by three Cuban architects in 2009. You can see video footage of the incredible buildings below.

The invitation to watch the dance exams came from Veronika’s good friend Yosmell, who was a student at the school and is now studying for his Degree in dance at the ISA. He also dances for Danza Contemporanea de Cuba and teaches choreography at the school.

The students taking the exam were all around 15 and had been preparing for this moment for a long time. It was clear they were nervous before the exam, but this didn’t show when their time came to dance. It’s hard to believe that these students are so young, and yet dance with such confidence, fluidity and poise.

Cuba is a country with rich musical roots which are the result of a mishmash of cultural identities colliding. The perfect place to learn to Salsa? Of course! Taking a Salsa course with Vamos*Cuba means you’ll be introduced to the prestigious world of Cuban dance like a local; we have strong ties with Cuban Dance schools so you can be assured you’re learning from the best.

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