What To Know Before You Go To Cuba

Vamos Cuba carWhat To Know Before You Go To Cuba

It’s only been a recent occurrence that there has been some lifting of the travel restrictions on Americans being allowed to visit Cuba.  However, here in the UK we haven’t been under such restrictions but there are still some things that you need to know about traveling to Cuba.

What’s great about Cuba?

One of the best things about visiting Cuba right now is that it’s been under embargo for years. This means that it’s pretty much stopped in time or as some people say in ‘suspended animation’. The world has continued, but Cuba has been frozen in terms of progress.

To be in Cuba is like being in another world. If you’re a lover of history, culture, art and music with a backdrop of tropical scenery and classic American automobiles then this place is for you. The tours that we lay on aren’t just a holiday in Cuba, they are created with people at the centre with whom you will engage and learn about how they live and play. You’ll also be able to discuss the country and the rest of the world with them.  (Tip: Don’t venture too much into discussing politics or you may make the people feel a little uncomfortable).

You’ll be surprised at how warm and welcoming the people are. They love their music, their food and sports. They also love dance. They have been living with things the same way for decades and are now waiting for something to change to bring their island into the now. So many basics are still missing from their daily lives. The good thing is – is that you won’t see a lot of litter on the streets. After all, there isn’t a whole lot to throw away. The best way to engage in conversation is to be a speaker of Spanish. You’ll be able to speak to anybody on the island and make yourself understood. Cuban’s love their island and their heritage but they’re not afraid of having a good time.

What else do you need to know?

You don’t need any vaccinations to visit Cuba. However, you’re advised to stick to bottled water or other pre-packaged drinks even though the food should be safe.


Don’t miss out on coffee, cigars or artwork. You’ll find some amazing galleries in Havana that are well worth the visit. You’ll find some quite spectacular by some brilliant artists selling for seriously good prices. Discover our Cuban Holiday &  tours to learn more about visiting Cuba.

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